Aerial Imagery & Data Collection Services

Photogrammetry, Mapping & 3D Models

We have the tools and know-how to create measurable point clouds, 3D models or orthomosaic TIF images for your next project. Through the use of photogrammetry we can create measurable 3D models or 2D orthomosaic TIFs of up-to-date existing conditions. The output file formats can then be used in many of today's CAD and modeling design software such as Revit, InfraWorks, AutoCAD Civil 3D and more.

Once a model is created from the photos, unique, shareable link of the 3D model can be created (Example: that you can use to distribute to clients for project status updates, gather design feedback, or to get buy-in from an owner. The 3D model can also be embedded into your website and used as marketing material, promotional purposes, or to showcase a high profile project. And the best part is that it doesn't require any special software to download or install.

Another form of deliverable is a 360 panoramic photo that can be viewed online by project architects, engineers, owners or stakeholders.

Web Site Content & Marketing Materials

Are you looking for that "perfect shot" or unique view to showcase your property, project or business? Or maybe you're looking for an image to help you stand out against your competitors? Aerial photography and videography can help set you apart from others.

Real Estate

Aerial photography and videography can give your clients a unique view of a property listing or project site that you just can't get using traditional ground-based cameras. Showcase the property and all it has to offer by utilizing our drone services.

Roof Inspections

Whether it's the hot days of summer or the freezing cold of winter, it's not always feasible to gain access to a roof by ladder especially when it's steep, has multiple pitches, or is a multi-story building.Supplement your inspection report with high-quality aerial photos taken from the safety of the ground.  Through the use of drone photography & videography we can capture the entire roof faster than it would take to pull a ladder from the truck or climb through the roof hatch. And the drone photos & videos can be kept as a record document to review later if necessary.

3D Modeling & Renderings

At SkyViz, we strive to provide the highest quality 3-dimensional modeling, renderings, and videos created with today’s latest software applications such as Revit, InfraWorks, AutoCAD and more. We’ll help you transform your ideas to models suitable for item scheduling, quantity take-offs, cost estimating, renderings, videos and more. And when the model is done, you can share your design and vision through an easy to navigate web viewer.


Just like everyone has their own thumb print, we can brand your images and/or videos with your logo making them distinctly yours.


At SkyViz, we have the technology and know-how to capture the data you want and present it in a format you need. We'll coordinate the flight mission with local police & fire departments, schools, neighbors and other parties to ensure everyone within the flight area is aware of a drone operation.

Using our drone and reality capture software, we can quickly acquire the existing conditions of a project location autonomously and then combine those photos into a complete and accurate 3D model, mesh, point cloud or geo-located orthomosaic, giving you up to date & accurate information.

Some of the software we use are:

  • Pix4D
  • Skyward
  • Drone Deploy
  • Autodesk Recap Photo
  • Autodesk InfraWorks
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D

About SkyViz

Founded by Building Information Modeling (BIM) expert Matt Wunch, SkyViz was formed with the simple purpose of creating high-quality 2D orthomosaic TIFs and measurable 3D models for the AEC industry. Matt has worked as the BIM & Technology Manager for local architecture and engineering firms over the past 20 years. During this time he’s gained extensive knowledge about the design, engineering & construction process. Matt is an FAA certified UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) operator and brings his experience flying drones to the job site for reality capture and modeling. His 20+ years in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry have given him the knowledge, understanding, and hands-on experience with many of today's popular design and engineering software applications such as Revit, InfraWorks, AutoCAD Civil 3D & Navisworks.

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn or Twitter to stay up to date with technology trends, workflows, and modeling tips-&-tricks.

FAA Part 107 certified drone operator

FAA Part 107 Certified sUAS pilot Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot

Approved professional drone pilot

Demo Reel


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of drones do you have?

We currently have a DJI Mavic Pro which has a maximum flight time of 27 minutes per battery and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Advanced which has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes per battery.

What about drone safety?

Safety is our number one priority. We will never fly over non-willing participants or traffic, or in inclement weather, or rush to get "the perfect shot".

Are you certified to fly drones?

ABSOLUTELY!! As an FAA Part 107 certified pilot, we are required to renew our UAS certification every two years. This means staying up to date with understanding sectional charts, METARs, and airspace classifications as well as current regulations and limitations. Check out the FAA Airmen Inquiry page to check the status of any certified pilot.

Are you insured?

DEFINITELY!! We are insured for general liability of up to $1 million dollars.

Can you fly your drone anytime?

NO! FAA regulations limit flight operations to daylight hours (including 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes after civil twilight). In order to fly at night, it will be necessary to obtain an operational waiver.

How far can you fly your drone?

While our drones are capable of flying over 4 miles away, it is kept within VLOS (visual line of sight) for safety reasons.

How long can you fly your drone?

We have multiple LiPo batteries that can last up to 30 minutes. Batteries can be quickly and easily swapped out and we bring multiple batteries to a photo shoot or inspection site. If necessary, we can also charge batteries while on site.

How high can you fly your drone?

FAA regulations limit flight height to 400-feet above ground level*.

Can you fly your drone anywhere?

NO! Flight operations are limited to Class G airspace. Flights within controlled airspace (a 5-mile radius of most airports, such as Bradley International Airport) require preauthorization from the FAA.

To help determine whether or not your project is within controlled airspace and may require FAA authorization, check out this interactive map by

What are some important FAA restrictions that I should be aware of when it comes to flying drones?

  1. We cannot (will not) fly directly over non-willing participants.
  2. VLOS (visual line of sight) must be maintained the entire time by either the pilot or the visual observer. The visual observer will help the pilot navigate the drone if the pilot must look at the controller for any extended period of time. So even though our Mavic Pro is capable of traveling up to 4 miles away, it will never leave our VLOS.
  3. *The maximum height of flight operations is 400-feet above ground level or a structure. For example, if the roof of a building is 600-feet above ground level and the operation is to inspect the rooftop of the building, the maximum flight height is extended to 1000 feet (600 foot building + 400 feet from the top of the building).
  4. Flight operations are limited to daytime hours (including 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes after civil twilight).
  5. Flights within a 5-mile radius of most airports is restricted unless preauthorization from the FAA is granted.


"I hired SkyViz to take some photos of my house for sale literature. Was an really excellent experience throughout.

- Communication was great. He was always quick to respond to any queries. All told was less than a week from hiring to finishing the job. I had to change the date a couple of times because of work commitments and then we brought the date forward because of weather concerns. Throughout he was very flexible.

- Showed up exactly when he said he would

- Took some great photos of the house from lots of angles. shots I wouldn't have thought of. The finished images were super high resolution (raws supplied) and were bright and sharp.

Superb value, highly recommended!"

~ Steven

"Thanks Matt. Renderings looked great"


"EXCELLENT JOB.  They (The renderings) look perfect."

~ Joseph


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